Cricut Single Scoring Wheel Tip + Drive Housing Scoring Tool

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Single SCORING WHEEL + drive housing

A hemming tool of professional quality.
The Cricut Scoring Wheel Tools are specially designed for Cricut Makers.
With the ability to use up to 10 times more pressure than the scoring stylus, this tool allows you to effortlessly create perfect fold lines in thin and even coated paper materials.
Thanks to the patented wheel design, the scoring wheel used in your Cricut Maker creative plotter creates perfect grooves. Use this to design anything from cards and gift boxes to breathtaking works of art, 3D home decor, structures and much more.

  • The Scoring Wheel lets you create a deep, simple crease line – perfect for uncoated, lightweight materials like crepe paper, lightweight cardboard, and even acetate.
  • The QuickSwap ™ housing makes changing tips as easy as pressing a button.
  • As an extension there is the Double Scoring Wheel, which is available separately.

The drive housing for this tool is provided with a plastic cover over the gear on top of the housing. We recommend that this cover be left on while cutting to prevent hair or other material from getting into the gears.

Compatible with the Cricut Maker only.

scope of delivery

  • QuickSwap ™ housing
  • Scoring Wheel (Tip 1)